With the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon just around the corner, it’s time to take charge and get into gear.  The next two months are primarily about putting miles in your legs. You don’t want to go overboard, of course, but you have to respect the challenge, and you’ll conquer 56km of hilly running only if you’ve prepared yourself for the time and strength challenge!

Together with adidas ambassador and Sports Scientist, Ross Tucker, we have developed training programmes to ensure you arrive ready and prepared at the start of the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon.

The key is to do as much mileage as possible without exceeding your body’s own limitations. That’s when injuries and burnout happen. So it’s crucial that you are realistic in your goal-setting, and that you seek to build your running volumes up gradually.

Our goal with the programme is to get your longest run up to around the marathon distance by the end of February, beginning of March – don’t forget that you may also need to run the qualifying marathon, which you can incorporate into this training programme.

Around this weekly long run, we include a few easy recovery runs, and some harder quality sessions like tempo runs, hill repeats and time-trials.  These focus on speed and strength to prepare your legs for the hills that the second half of the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon will put in your path!

A key concept is that your easy days must be easy – many runners make the mistake of pushing a little too hard on those easy days, and the result is that they don’t quite recover, and their long runs and higher quality runs begin to suffer. Don’t make that mistake – easy means easy!

Also, pay close attention to recovery. Rest days are there to allow regeneration and recuperation, so respect their vital importance.

Finally, be mindful of pace. When you do your easy runs, it may be worthwhile to run at your target race pace, and learn what this feels like.  Your ability to manage your effort on race day is what makes or breaks the day for you! So focus on pace awareness in all your training sessions, and get “in touch” with your body to become a better runner!

That’s it, other than the golden rule – enjoy it. If it becomes a chore, or if you feel that you’re surviving through every run, back off, take it easy, take a rest day, and be sure to enjoy every run!

Download Ross Tucker’s Two Oceans Ultra Marathon Training Programmes:

5 hour programme

6 hour programme

7 hour programme