Welcome to the 2019 Two Oceans Marathon journey. Regardless of your distance, your pace, your experience, or your goals, I hope that the next thirteen weeks are enjoyable, rewarding and ultimately, successful.

These video blogs are there to guide you through the training programme, to share insights and tips that will help you make the most of the programme, and to empower you to take ownership of your own training journey.

Speaking of ownership, this first video/article is about goal-setting. The goal is uniquely personal to you.  It’s imperative that you have a goal, because you’ll rise to a challenge only if it is yours. In the coming months, many people may suggest things to you, advise you, guide you, and that’s great, but ultimately, your ‘anchor point’ is your own expectation and goal for yourself.

So, even if you don’t want to put yourself on the clock and set a target time, you still need to commit to some kind of goal. Perhaps it’s to finish the race comfortably, without feeling major strain. That’s great, but what I would challenge you to understand is what it will take to do that? Being “comfortable” has some implications – it means being able to run a certain speed for a certain distance, without strain. And if you don’t understand that, something will surprise you! So even that “non-goal” is a goal! And as you progress on this journey, you can constantly compare where you are, to where you want to be, and then find confidence in your position.

Perhaps you do want to be specific and beat a previous time, or maybe the time of someone you know.  Regardless, it helps enormously to know where you are headed. Think of the goal as your GPS – there are no directions until you enter a desired location.  And then the programme is the set of directions, and at any time, you can compare where you are to where you need to be, and never be lost!

The other practical reason to have a goal is that it’s going to influence your choice of training programme.  This is not an exact science, so don’t panic if you feel caught between two levels – I’d recommend that you choose the faster one (for example, if your goal is a 6h30 Ultra, then go with the 6h00 programme, and if it’s a 2h15 Half, then choose the 2h00 programme), and then simply scale it back a little bit if you feel you need to.

Good luck, make good selections and let’s do this together! – Prof Ross Tucker

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