Together with adidas ambassador and Sports Scientist, Ross Tucker, we have developed training programmes to ensure you arrive ready and prepared at the start of the Two Oceans Half Marathon.

Over the next 10 weeks, we’re going to take you on a journey that culminates in the 2018 Two Oceans Half Marathon on March 31st.

No matter your current level or your goal, the programme is built around the best principles for training, and builds your fitness levels and running performance progressively over the 10 weeks.

Aerobic Conditioning Phase

In this part of the training plan, the name of the game is progression.  We gradually aim to increase the distance we can handle by increasing by small amounts per week. Most of this happens in our weekly Long Run, on Saturdays. If you are based in Cape Town or Joburg, join our adidas Runners community to train together. The adidas Runners Boosters will arrange routes and groups to tick off the miles that we need to conquer the Two Oceans Half marathon in just over two months’ time.

For now, we begin with shorter runs, aiming to start with about 45 minutes, and then over the course of the next five weeks, we build that up.

The other thing we’ll start to do is introduce slightly harder runs.  Running regularly is great, but if we want to improve, we must challenge the physiology just enough to trigger adaptations, and that happens in what are called interval training sessions.  These too can be done with the adidas Runners community, who will plan, supervise and support you through either track sessions that develop your speed, or hill sessions that improve your running strength.

Finally, in this phase of the programme, we must prioritize all aspects of running fitness.  This means making sure you are strong enough to run without a risk of injury, and making sure that you are recovering well.

The strength aspect comes in the form of strength work and stability/core training, which our Boosters will help you through once a week, while you do your own core training on a second day per week.  The recovery comes in the form of regular rest days, which allow your body to regenerate and recover from the training sessions.  You’ll also do one “cross training” day per week, where you get into the gym and take your pick of swimming, cycling, weight training, dancing, boxing, elliptical training, just to keep your cardiovascular system on the go, but without the repetition of running.

Join the adidas Runners community on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday to run together – as indicated on the programme. You can also look out for updates on @runbasecapetown and @runbasejoburg, and sign up at

Download the Aerobic Conditioning Phase of Ross Tucker’s Training Programme here.