Throughout this process, you’ll have heard me say and seen me write that your expectations and your plan will make the crucial difference to your race.  That’s because your training, which I hope you’ve enjoyed in the last 14 weeks, will deliver you to the start line in the best possible condition, and thereafter, it’s about execution.

And at that point, there’s a range of possible outcomes – if you execute well, your training will pay off.  But if you don’t, and if you make errors in the way you manage your race, then the training will be ‘wasted’.  And I say this not to scare you into over-thinking the race, but rather, as I’ve tried to explain in these articles and videos, to prepare you mentally for the race.

A key part of this preparation is knowing the route.  Again, some people are different, and they don’t want to know.  They’d rather deal with things as they come, and cross each bridge, or run each hill, when they reach it.  That’s fine.

But for many of you, having some idea what lies ahead will count for a lot.  It allows you to anticipate, to plan, to steel yourself mentally for challenges, and to know when there will be opportunities to relax and let your focus drift, to recover.

And so with that in mind, we’ve prepared some route videos for you.  They’ll be on display at the adidas Two Oceans Expo stand, as well as online and they’ll talk you through the major challenges and what to look out for on the day, so that you have some markers, some anchors, and the ability to better measure your efforts.  So have a look out for those, and take onboard as much as you think will help you, and then execute your plan as well as possible on the day!

View the Two Oceans Marathon route guide here