We’re now halfway into the preparation for your Two Oceans half or Ultra marathon, and over the next few weeks, we’ll hit peak volume, with your longest long runs and highest weekly distances.

You’ll also notice an increase in the intensity of training, with a few more sessions to prepare you for the hills, and race pace.  This combination – ramping up the volume and building the intensity – mean that the next six weeks are a challenging time, and recovery is paramount.  A key part of this is nutrition, and so today, I’m joined by Adrian Penzhorn, a registered dietician, who talks you through some of the key high-level concepts to pay attention to.

In addition to helping you recover and stay on top of the training load, diet is crucial on race day to optimize performance.  In this regard, it’s really important to view the next four weeks as your best opportunity to practice and familiarize yourself with race strategies.  So Adrian will talk a little about your training and race nutrition and hydration strategy, and you can put this advice to good use on your long runs so that by race day, you know what works for you.

It’s the details that matter, so feel free to experiment a little, but pay close attention to what you think is giving you the best results, so that you don’t go into the race “hoping”.  Finally, if you’re especially concerned about diet, then I’d highly encourage you to see a dietician, because this general advice is all good and well, but no two people are the same, and few of us are “typical”, so if you want to be sure and confident, nothing beats a really focused look at diet.

Ross Tuckers