We had a chat with 23-year-old Stormers loose forward Siya Kolisi to get to know this young star performer a bit better, But we had to be quick to catch him – this up-and-coming legend and adidas ambassador is on the fast track to success.


  1. You’re from the Eastern Cape, where rugby enjoys massive support. What’s it like going back home as a Stormers regular and a Springbok?
    It’s always great going back. All the people support me and always remind me where I came from. They always say they don’t miss a game in my township just to support me.
  2. You have been an adidas ambassador for a while now. What has this relationship meant to you?
    It’s a dream come true. I get along with the team very well so it’s more than a normal sponsorship. I’m hoping this will carry on for a long time. 
  3.  You have a massive following. Does this add more pressure on you to perform on field?
    There’s always pressure, but I use it as motivation. I’m very lucky to be playing in Cape Town, because the support is amazing there. It’s my new home now.
  4.  Why do they call you “The Bear”?
    (Big laugh) It’s because of the way I play.
  5.  Tell us more about the Bombers Rugby Club? 
    Bombers is where it started for me. Since I was 8. I learnt a lot playing there and I’ll never forget the experience. African Bombers will always have a special place in my heart.
  6.  Looking at the future, is having a crack at the 2015 Rugby World Cup title a big goal for you?
    Yeah, it’s a big goal for me. But my first goal is to perform this year and take that form through to next year. 
  7.  Do you have any rituals before a big game?
    Yeah, I do. I always put the left boot and sock first.
  8.  Being a professional sportsman has a lot of challenges. How do you relax during your time off and take your mind off the game?
    I’m always with my mates. Or chilling at home, having a braai. My favourite is shopping though.
  9.  Injury is part and parcel of this game we all love. How do you cope with injury setbacks?
    It’s tough, especially if you’re out for a long period. But I have good mates and teammates. So they always spend time with me and take my mind off rugby. I try to keep busy with things I can’t do when I’m playing.


Quick-fire questions: 

  1. One item you always take with you on tour?
    My earphones.
  2. Toughest opponent?
    Kieran Read.
  3. Best touring destination?
  4. Best stadium to play at?

  5. What other sports do you follow?
    Soccer (Liverpool), tennis and cricket.

  6. Favourite movie?

  7. Favorite band/artist?
    James Arthur.

  8. Finally, what would you say is your hidden talent?
    (Laugh) I can dance a bit.