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Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions govern the relationship between adidas South Africa, referred to as "adidas", and its Members. These terms and conditions apply to all members who register with adidas 3Stripes. Your membership is personal to you and you are responsible for ensuring the correct use of the programme. Please read carefully, particularly as they include limitations and exclusions on the liability of adidas and its members.

3Stripes Programme and Membership: General Terms and Conditions

adidas 3Stripes Programme: Membership Card System

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Final Provisions

You can enter without qualifying information or club details but you must supply your qualifying information or club details online by 19 March 2015. In order to participate you must belong to a registered running club, own a valid provincial licence number and have run a qualifying marathon (42.2km) in under 5 hours. No temporary licences will be issued for the Ultra Marathon event.


If you are not a member of a registered athletics club you are required to purchase a temporary licence.

adidas 3Stripes Birthday Discount - Terms and Conditions